Beautiful, mature transwoman Domme living in Cheltenham.

What is submission?

Some of my thoughts on being a trans domme and my relationship with customers.

When you are considering seeing a domme of course you know nothing about her other customers. You see only from your point of view. Whereas the Domme is in contact with possibly two dozen potential customers a week. These include her regular customers and also timewasters who want to talk but have no intention of visiting. So her viewpoint is very different. Nothing is new to her!

I am by no means a typical domme. Hurting you, causing you pain, gives me little pleasure . So I am not a sadist. I like control but you have to allow me to take the reins.
I like to sexually dominate both men and women. Men may think that offering me their ass to be penetrated will please me. But that puts an obligation on me to get hard. I am not a machine. Very often I get a hard erection and have sex with customers but that happens as a natural consequence of our playing in the session. So demanding to be fucked before you have even met me is a turnoff.

I like it if you kneel in front of me and suck my penis. But again that has limited appeal. Because I have my penis sucked as often as three or four times a day. And if you imply that I should ejaculate for you that is irritating. I cannot do that on demand, just like I cannot get a hard erection on demand. And few customers are any good at sucking or wanking me! Hard to believe but true.
Once more you are expecting me to do something for you. If I want to then I will orgasm, but I hate feeling obliged to do so.

You have to learn to serve me without expecting anything from me. What is the point of having a servant or a slave if they make demands? You have to please me in a selfless way. Throw away all your silly fantasies and expectations and empty your mind. Become a mindless slave whose function is to make me happy.

I can function as a regular escort and provide services but no submission is taking place if you set the agenda.


These things make me happy:

Massaging you and by gentle touches getting you aroused, I usually get hard too.

You getting a really hard and possibly painful erection. I have cock rings to help with this. Then I can tease you. Maybe ride your cock if I feel in the mood.

You making yourself cum. Over my body and my face, in my mouth.

Let me tie you up and blindfold and/or gag you. You are on the bed and restrained. I can then rub myself against you. You smell my perfume and feel my weight on your body. I remove my panties and rub my balls in your face. Make you lick my cute tight asshole.

Fucking me. Only about a third of my customers get a hard enough erection to do this. But I do like a penis inside me. I can ride you on the bed.

You paying for my female friends Strawb or Lily to join us, Then watching me as I penetrate them and enjoy their body. I may change over and penetrate you for a while. Or they can use a strapon on you while you suck me, or while I continue to have sex with them. I may tie you up so all you can do is watch.

I enjoy a lady urinating on me. Again you have to pay for this, you may wish to taste their nectar yourself. Very often being peed on by a woman gets me very hard so I may use your ass.

I like being naked outside. You can join me. Suck my cock while I enjoy the air. Maybe let me piss on you.

The usual things: bring me flowers and gifts. Pay me more than the listed fee, that is always a nice surprise.



So essentially if you come to me with a list of demands then that is not submission. And it throws me off if you start telling me what to do.
I am happy to see you as a normal escort but I would not be dominating you.
If you cannot understand this distinction then you are wasting your time seeing a domme.
One solution to men or women who will not submit is to physically restrain and gag them when they arrive. This has to be prearranged of course. A kidnapping role play can also be requested, it takes two of us so will be double the cost.