Beautiful, mature transwoman Domme living in Cheltenham.


To discuss in detail please use DommeLine or Adultwork Direct Chat. Or meet me in person: book on 07511 440783

Sexual domination. My sexuality is overpowering and you are pathetic. Suck my dick. Take my cock. Tongue my ass.

Humiliation. I will taunt your tiny cock and complete lack of sexual competence.

Abuse: If you are Ugly/Smelly/Flabby I won’t mince my words.

Forced bi: take my cock, or another man’s. Learn to love cock, be warned it is totally addictive.

Impact play. Bend over for me. Or lie across my lap and be spanked..

Water sports. Kneel and take a shower.

Cuckolding. Watch me play with a lady friend (you are paying for their time as well as for mine.) No touching.

Bondage: Tied up with rope. Handcuffs. Clingfilm around your whole body. Can’t move, totally helpless at my mercy.

Be immobilised and bound on my milking table. Milked and sucked dry.

My beautiful ass on your face: Face sitting. Rimming. Get very familiar with my asshole.

Kidnapping: bundled into the back of a car by me and my accomplice. Gagged & bound. Forced to do filthy things.

Role play. Lisa as head teacher or office boss. Extremely strict. Very real threat of castration.

TASKS: Lisa gives you a dozen tasks to complete at home or at work. Not easy or necessarily pleasurable

Forced sissy. Dressing up. Going out dressed. Taking cock.

CFNM. combined with humiliation and forced bi. Myself and a lady friend will laugh at you standing there naked.

Hot wax play. Burning melted wax dripped on your nipples and genitals.

Cock Cage and key. Timer with Bluetooth

Tights. Wearing to work under clothes, with a bra.

Paddle on bare buttocks. Impact play
Bare buttocks reddened from use of a rattan cane
Rattan cane
Genitals bound with red rope
CBT with rope
Lady's buttocks in sheer black tights
My bottom sitting heavily on your face
Worship my body